Submission Scopes

The ICRCA Organising Committee welcomes submissions from a wide variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Submissions are organised into the following streams:

Religious Studies

Theism and Atheism, Witchcraft, Church
Feminism and Religious Traditions, Religious Belief, Traditional Custom
Religion and Peace Studies
Mysticism, Faith, and Scientific Culture
Interfaith Dialogue, Rituals and Superstitions
Comparative Religion
Interdisciplinary – Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies
Religious History, Religious Sociology, Religious Anthropology
Chinese Religions, Taoist Studies, Buddhist Studies, Biblical Studies, Christian Studies Christianity

Cultural Studies

Cultural Heritage in South Caucasus and Black Sea Region 
Mythology and Ancient Cultures
Multiculturalism; Cultural Changes; Mass Culture
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Industry; Popular Culture
Cultural Diversity; Culture Shock; Cultural Assimilation
Cultural Conflict Resolution; Intercultural Communications; Folk Culture
Cultural Criticism/Theory
Linguistics, Language and Literature 

Art Studies

History of Art, Classic Arts, Modern Arts
Visual Arts: Acting, Stagecraft, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Ceramics, Drawing
Literary Arts and Language Arts
Artistic Theory, Artistic History and Artistic Criticism
Formative Arts: Painting and Sculpture, Architecture, Calligraphy, Photography
Performing Arts: Music, Dance, Instrumental Music, Folk Vocal Art Forms, Crafts, Plastic Arts, etc.
Physical Beauty and Body Aesthetics
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