Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: How do I submit an article for publication?
A1: All articles must be submitted in MS Word through Email:
icrca2019@migcca.com, in which the paper status can easily be tracked. All figures and tables should be combined with the text as a single MS Word.


Q2: Should I use the template for submission?
A2: You are suggested to format your manuscript according to our standard template. However, if you do not know how to do it, please just prepare your article as required by the SUBMISSION RULES, you can find instructions for Authors.


Q3: Where will my article be submitted for publication?
A3: Papers related to all research fields related to religion, culture and arts are invited to this international conference. Proceedings will be published by Clausius Scientific Press (CSP) in the proceedings series of Lecture Notes in Arts and Humanities, ISSN 2617-104X.


Q4: When will the paper be retrieved? Is this paper retrieved by EI?
A4: Clausius Scientific Press (CSP) will submit the CD-ROM to CPCI (Web of Science), CNKI, Scholar Google for worldwide online citation. The papers accepted by this conference are guaranteed to be searched by CPCI-SSH (WoS), and social science articles cannot be searched by EI; EI only includes engineering articles.


Q5: When will the invoice be issued? What are the contents of the invoice?
A5: After completing registration, the invoice can be mailed to authors, usually arranged for SF EXPRESS (postage to pay). The contents of the invoice can be issued into publication fee, admission fee, registration fee and reference material expenses.


Q6: Do you provide search queries? Is the paper version retrieval report available?
A6: We will search the results freely and provide a screenshot to our authors. There is no paper search report provided by the conference organizing committee. If you need us to help you get a certificate of retrieval, we will charge an additional fee of 100 RMB per article.


Q7: Is it necessary to attend the meeting?
A7: According to the requirements of the publishing house, at least one contributor will attend the conference, but according to the actual situation, the publication and retrieval of papers will not be affected if you fail to attend the meeting.

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